Mixing Product / Informational and Marketing Content

The last talk that I will be attending at RDV_MARKETING is the one given by some lady from Twitter. I’ll probably update to her real name later but she seems really interesting and unlike the Ulule guy has good designers.

Her talk is much more focused on tech products, but I’m going to try and convert her message fast into something applicable to eCommerce.

Product (Informational) vs Marketing Content

Product content is informational and invisible. For eCommerce, it can be navigation, product specs.

Marketing content is what causes the sale. Like product descriptions, call to actions, product stories, banners, advertising.

How They Meet

Vague call to actions, product pages, home page, etc.

Dead Zones

Places where opportunities have been forgotten. Where good copy could be present.

Example: Emtpy States

There are empty states like an empty cart or a page with empty products. Web updates or tool tips. You should not treat your emtpy like an error message but instead take the opportunity to either showcase another brand, a promotion or something like that.

War Zones

These can be considered places like products page. Where you want to be informational about the product but also really push the sale. Which one should be prioritized and how can we make peace?

Example: Product Pages

We need to use these to make pages, but they must also have a lot of information for users to be confortable. We don’t want to distract users from what the product actually is and how it can be used by how it’s going to change their lives and why they should buy it now. Not sure if this is actually a war zone, but I feel like it might be.

Content Strategies

You really need to either find peace between informational and marketing content, or choose one that will be pushed more than over. It is important to know what you want, have a structured planning process and you need to choose who is in charge of the project.

Make Something Out of Nothing

Even with something that is purely informational, you can turn it into a hybrid with marketing with the right process. The content and product aren’t what is important when working with strategy, but find the common ground. If there is something unmovable then a choice must be made.

An example from Twitter, is how they integrate marketing content in their release notes.


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