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Zen Cafeteria : No Unnecessary Communication

Restaurant concept. Set menu with 1 to 2 meals a day. Minimizing waste. Low price range. Memberships. Silent. Mobile free zone.

This is definitely inspired by monastic dining experiences.

User Experience

Arrives at entrance. Pays fee or shows membership. Enters and sits at designated seat.
All seats on a table face in the same direction, cutting available seating in half. A line drawn on the table also highlights this seperation. On the table, closest to the chairs are the utensils and empty plates or bowls as needed.

A client who requires food pushes the appropriate bowl across the line. Waiters with food are always on alert for this action. Sensors could also be added to the table to help with notification.

Once a client has his fills, he gets up and leaves. Everything is settled.


It may be hard to deal with allergies. All meals will most likely be vegan. Risk of allergy attacks could be mitigated from membership data.

Portion Control

If unlimited portions becomes an issue. Instead of paying up front, patrons would be issued a card that keeps tracks of their servings. As they exit, they pay balance on card.

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