Voice of Archer, Jon Benjamin Interview

Toonzone were able to snag a round table interview with Jon Benjamin. Jon Benjamin not only does the voice of Sterling Archer, he is also the man behind Ben Katz (Dr. Katz), Coach McGuirk (Home Movies), Bob (Bob’s Burgers), Carl (Family Guy) and a multitude of characters in Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Venture Brothers. Do not think that was an exhaustive list of all his roles, Jon Benjamin has voiced an enormous number of cartoon characters.

AMY HARRINGTON/POP CULTURE PASSIONISTAS: We wanted to go back to the beginning and find out how you got your part on Archer.

JON BENJAMIN: It’s not a great story. Adam Reed, the creator of Archer, God rest his soul [said jokingly] called me. I think he had heard me do some other work on Adult Swim shows, and he called me to read the part. I don’t know if other people had been asked. I don’t know if I was first choice or like literally last resort. Probably last resort, right? Right?


JON BENJAMIN: So, yes, and then I accepted and then it worked out well. But I was tentative because I didn’t think I could pull off a spy. If you knew me, you’d know all the reasons why

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