Spider-Man Spider Wars – Marvel Cartoon

This is a continuation of the Marvel Secret Wars. There isn’t much to say other than Carnage is menacing to destroy the infinite number of dimensions that exist in the Marvel universe.

Spider-Man 1994 Episode 64

I really have to say that it’s really cool to see all the Peter Parker clones. The one without powers is totally lame. I guess they named the episode I Really, Really Hate Clones. This episode deals with Spider-Men from parallel universes, trying to stop Spider-Carnage from destroying after him.I find it pretty cool that Madame Web started to make an appearance in the earlier seasons with challenges. These are the list of the cool Marvel characters that you see in this Ep. 65-64: Ben Reilly, Carnage, Green Goblin and Hobgoblin Kingpin, Smythe, Armored Spider-Man, Impact Webbing, Octo-Spidey and more! It’s pretty much a more focused Secret Wars…


Spider-Man 1994 Episode 65

This is the final episode of Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Is it me or the Armored Spider-Man is kind of an Iron Man rip-off. I really like how they beat the villain; Uncle Ben finding the Peter Parker inside of Carnage. The ending brought a smile to my face. It’s very cheesy.

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