Spider-Man Secret Wars – Marvel Cartoon

I really don’t understand the Marvel Video organizing system. I can never seem to find a link to the next episode of the Spider-Man 1994 cartoon series. It’s extremely annoying so I decided start doing it myself. However, the 6 seasons of Spider-Man: The Animated Series contain 65 individual episodes. Instead of providing a full index of this series, I will periodically post either a few episodes or a particular story-arc that I like.

This week, I am going to share with you the Marvel Secret Wars. In other words, you can now watch Spider-Man 1994 episode 61, 62, and 63 on Best Cartoons Ever. I know that you might be wondering about the legality of posting full episodes of the Spider-Man cartoon. If you didn’t already know, there is a place where you can watch all the top Marvel cartoons for free legally… you can even embed their videos if you want to feature the top cartoons on your website.

Spider-Man (1994) Episode 61

Why didn’t Spider-Man pick Gambit or Rogue? I mean they are the best X-Men ever. Also, those weird worms make me think of that novel/movie Dune. Dune is cool because there is a jet-pack wearing obese villain.

Spider-Man (1994) Episode 62

I got confused when watching this episode because I had only watched Spider-Man 1994 episode 61 recently. I forgot about the whole story about vampires, the Black Cat woman, and Morbius. This is a great time to explain one of the best and worst aspects of Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

Spider-Man (1994) Episode 63

This episode is centered around the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom. I’ve always placed the Fantastic Four as one of the best Marvel characters. I’d also nominate Gambit< and Rogue as top Marvel characters. I also really like that Doctor Doom has created an idyllic “fascist” society. Actually, I haven’t finished episode 63, so Doctor Doom actually seems like a pretty nice guy so far. He has a peaceful society, fights the other evil doers, and cures the Thing of his “disease.” Never mind, I think just tried to kill all the good guys except the Thing. He also didn’t use the powers he stole from the Beyonder. As usual, the villain went crazy with power.

More Spider Man 1994 episodes coming soon!

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