Origins of the Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Episode 1

The Silver Surfer Origins

1. Norrin Radd and his people says no to violence.
2. Norrin Radd’s planet is going to be destroyed by Galactus.
3. Galactus goes around destroying planets.
4. Norrin Radd becomes Galactus’ scout to save his planet.
5. Norrin Radd is now the Silver Surfer.
6. Silver Surfer is now a villain.
7. What?

Why would a pacifist scout for planets to destroy. He believes his job will be to scout out planets without intelligent life so that Galactus won’t destroy any civilizations. However, the transference of powers remove Norrin’s memories and his moral convictions. Luckily, during a battle with a weird alien villain, the Surfer’s memories come back slowly.

Silver Surfer Episode 2

Niezsche: “Power is awesome.”

Silver Surfer Episode 3

Ok, I admit that the Silver Surfer animated series is not one of the best cartoons ever made. I don’t even think it could appear in top 100 cartoons list. First, there are only 13 episodes and, if you subtract flashbacks’, you’d¬†probably be left with 9 real Silver Surfer episodes. And second, the 3d animation also does not help this cartoon series shine. I might be biased because I don’t really like sci-fi cartoons. Of course, there is at least one exception, Duck Dodgers. I haven’t watched that cartoon series in ages. In any case, I don’t hate Silver Surfer 1998. I like it because it explains the famous Marvel character’s origins. I can hear the nerds screaming, “It’s all wrong!”

If you ever decide to watch the whole Marvel cartoon series, you will notice that it stops in the middle of a story. That’s because Silver Surfer: The Animated Series was cancelled. Marvel claims that it’s because of budget cuts. I believe them. If you did want to know about how the Surfer ends. There is an actual requiem for the Marvel character but it’s only in comic form for now.

silver surfer requiem

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  • Brian Perro
    July 5, 2012 at 12:57 am

    I am wondering,why does he have a site? What is it`s purpose? To show how little sense he has? The surfer cartoon animation and dialogue was the best ever,including the flashbacks.I don`t really like calling idiots morons,but in this case,it`s a step up.Stiff upper lip dude!

    Can you not tell this dude don`t know shi_?!He is not a good character judge on this subject at all.Kinda like, where in the woodwork do these folks crawl from?

    • Phil
      October 4, 2012 at 3:22 pm

      Good job!