Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Review

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome was produced by Peter Browngardt, a storyboard artist on Chowder. It’s a cartoon series about a group of monsters that live in a mountain. As of November 25 2012, 8 episodes have been aired on Cartoon Network. I didn’t like Secret Mountain Fort Awesome at first. However, I’ve grown to enjoy the cartoon series. As always, I have maintained the most important rule in cartoon judging etiquette: watch at least 3 episodes before you decide you hate an animated series. In any case, I saw that there wasn’t many reviews for Secret Mountain Fort Awesome so I decided to do a short review of the first 3 Secret Mountain Fort Awesome episode.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Pilot – Uncle Grandpa

I hadn’t watched the pilot until I began writing this post. It’s amazing. I can’t even begin describing all the elements that make it one of the best cartoons ever. Fun Fact: Character designer Robert Ryan Cory has a great Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Flickr Album.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome – Teleport-a-Potty

I hated the first episode. It’s full of toilet humor. The cartoon series already features a character named Fart who essential talks from his butt, but this episode went a bit to far. Gweelok, the nerd monster, builds a teleport-a-potty. In other words, a toilet that can travel through time when flushed. Festro, the leader of the monsters, gets the troops trapped in an alternate dimension because he takes a dump. The alternate dimension is a world where humans can not use go to the bathroom because all their toilets have been stolen. I was seriously debating whether I would give this series another chance just because of the story. Luckily, I have some faith in Cartoon network cartoon series to avoid judging a series by its first episode.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome – Monster Cops

I warmed up to Secret Mountain Fort Awesome because of this episode. The main characters a.k.a. the Disgustoids disguise themselves as cops. For your information, all you need to do to disguise yourself as a cop is have a mustache. I liked this episode mainly because of the pictures. The story line itself isn’t that interesting. I just liked the images of cops with mustaches. Actually, Fart became my favorite character of the series during this episode. He is essentially the good sensitive monster who cares about society. The other monsters are like girls, they just want to have fun.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome – Secret Mountain Fort Love

The three episode rule always pays off. The plot of this episode is very good. The mountain falls in love with a regular mountain. The Disgustoids except for Fart, being stereotypical boys, hate love. The attempt to ruin Secret Mountain Fort Awesome’s relationship with the natural mountain. The succeed but, as a result, break their home’s heart. This is the type of humor that I like. Of course, the episode is littered with toilet humor and slapstick, but the originality of the plot is what gets me. Seriously, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is sure to become one of the top new cartoon series of 2011.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

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