Rocko’s Modern Life Theme Song & Pat Irwin

composer of pepper ann theme song

Pat Irwin composed a lot of my favorite cartoon theme songs including the Rocko’s Modern Life theme and Disney’s Pepper Ann theme. Mister Irwin also wrote the music for JetCat from KaBlam!, Class of 3000 and even Sponge Bob. He is pretty awesome guy, you can listen and watch a bunch of this stuff in this post. Have fun!

Rocko’s Modern Life Theme Song

Rocko’s Modern Life Theme Lyrics

There isn’t much to the lyrics of this cartoon theme song. In fact, there are only two lines.

  1. Rocko’s Modern Life
  2. That was a hoot

However, you might enjoy an extended version of they lyrics produced by these guys.

Pat Irwin’s Biography

Pat Irwin was born May 17, 1955. After graduating from college, he moved to New York City. He participate in the New York No-Wave scene and played with 8-Eyed Spy and Raybeats.

After saying “No!” to the wave, Pat Irwin said “Yes!” He joined the New Wave rock band The B-52’s in 1989, playing keyboards and guitar. He toured and recorded with the B-52s for over 18 years.

In the 1990s, Pat Irwin started to write music for cartoons like SpongeBob Squarepants. However, I believe his best work was the theme songs for Rocko’s Modern Life music and Pepper Ann.

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