Regular Show – Trash Boat Review

Regular Show - Rigby changes his name to Trash Boat

I took me some time but I’ve begun really liking Regular Show. The absurd endings are reminiscent of Superjail! but without all the gory violence and deaths. Regular Show wouldn’t be Regular show if that was the case.

Trash Boat Review

In this episode of Regular Show’s third season, Rigby is inspired to change his name to two completely random words. The name he chose is “Trash Boat.” I love that name and would certainly call my next cat Trash Boat. Anyways, Rigby ends up regretting his name change when no one, not even his best friend Mordecai, thinks it’s cool.

I’m really thankful that I spent some time on YouTube looking for clips from this weeks Regular Show cartoon. Sadly, I didn’t find any good footage from Trash Boat. Yet, I did watch an interesting Trash Boat review. Watch Regular Show – Trash Boat now!

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