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Bruce Drinks Decaf

I began to watch The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s really not a bad Hulk cartoon if I could say so myself. I haven’t gotten really far in the series. To tell the truth, I have only watched the first 5 episodes. The fifth episode is a combination of the Avenger micro-series which provides a prologue to The Avengers episode 1.

I had to begin writing this article, because when watching episode 5, Hulk Vs The World, Bruce drinks decaf! I guess it makes sense because caffeine certainly wouldn’t help him stay calm…

Hulk Vs The World Review

I believe this is one of the few episodes that include the Marvel doctor. This is because in episode 2, Dr. Banner agrees to let the Incredible Hulk take over his body. I think it isn’t that big a price to pay since it could be much worse. The Green Goliath could be replaced by the Rulk! I rate this episode 3/5. The problem isn’t that the story isn’t good or the animation is crap. It’s the lack of focus on the Incredible Hulk. In fact, too much focus is put on Hawkeye’s background.

The story takes place while Banner is still on the run. He is trying to learn more about the Shield’s Cube prison. During his investigations, Bruce Banner confronts the Absorbing Man causing him to transform into the Incredible Hulk. Obviously, Shield agents arrive. I always enjoyed Nick Fury and Ross hunting the hulk, but the inclusion of one my least favorite characters happens here… Hawkeye comes in to play. I have never liked Hawkeye because he just seems like a rip-off of the Green Arrow who is much much cooler. The rest of the episode focuses mostly on Hawkeye interactions with Shield agent Black Widow and the hunt to capture the Incredible Hulk.

The best part of the whole episode is Dr. Banner’s transformation scene. I have always loved X-Ray effects in cartoons. I just realized I might be a Hulk fan because my favorite color combination is green and yellow…. In any case, I’m not sure if it this Hulk transformation scene one that is used in the Avenger’s intro. I tend to skip it because the song is really horrible…

Overall, I will be continuing to watch this series and will most likely write a few more posts about the series. I’ll try finishing a few more TV or biography pages A.S.A.P.


Possible Incredible Hulk Vs X-Men?

We’ve all herd about the new Avengers Vs X-Men (AVX) comics coming out soon. However, Marvel has announced that there will be another comics featuring duals between our favorite Marvel superheroes, AVX VS. The acronym doesn’t make much sense to me. Will this mini-series be called Avengers Vs X-Men Versus?

There will only be a total of 6 issues. Every comic will include two fights including one X-Men versus one Avenger. The list of fights is not confirmed but you can read more at