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My Favorite Grizzly Bear Animated Music Videos

Grizzly Bear is a psychedelic pop band from Brooklyn. They have collaborated with a lot of cool artists to produce some of best animated music videos that I have ever seen. In fact, there are even a pretty good collection of animations made by fans too such as the one above. It’s made by Gabe Askew. It is not the official music video for Two Weeks. Gabe Askew had a day job before making the clip for the song off Veckatimest. That’s telling you something. If you’d like to know more, the people at Vray did a great interview with Gabe Askew which features some story board art.

Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

Another great animated music video for Two Weeks was made by Micah Buzan. Once again, it isn’t the official music clip. Mike loves to draw and make music. He dreams of one day making music videos for “bands and stuff.” I really hope he succeeds and you can check out more on Micah Buzan’s Youtube Channel.

Allison Schulnik – Hobo Clown

Allison Schulnik is a great jack of all trades. I’m kind of lazy tonight so you should just read her interview with Ryan Christian or check out her website to learn more, see more and appreciate more. I don’t know whether I find it incredible or not that her style of animation makes everyone think of clowns.

Allison Schulnik Hobo

Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able by Allison Schulnik

Grizzly Bear – While You Wait for the Others

Sean Pecknold is an American who likes Europe. He runs a website with his friends called Grandchildren TV. It’s a pretty nice website and full of cartoons.

Grizzly Bear – Knife

Alex Turvey has produced video clips for people like Bright Eyes, Shakira and MSTRKRFT. No one wonder his animated music video for Grizzly Bear’s Knife is amazing.

Grizzly Bear – Easier

I don’t really know much about Ross McCampbell apart that he did this short piece for a school project. He may or may not be the guy who draws all these comics. I’ll have to ask him on Twitter sometime. I just did, maybe I’ll update this later if he replies. EDIT: IT ISN’T HIM.

Grizzly Bear – Deep Sea Diver

Tyler Cobum, I’m sorry but I just don’t feel like writing anymore.


Who is Tanya Vedenicheva?

I don’t really know who Tanya Vedenicheva is. Her name might even be Tanya Vedenitcheva. I had been searching for a Mr. Lawrence short but ended when I first saw Tanya Vedenicheva’s Egg’s Killer or To Kill The Egg. Actually, I am not even sure if it is her work. I only know that her name was credited. To Kill The Egg intrigued me because it made me think of Michael Jackson holding his baby outside of a window. I am not sure if that is an actual event in history. The first few seconds of music are for sure a reference to Miles Davis.

To Kill The Egg

The Bird’s Death

I knew I had to figure out who Tanya Vedenicheva was but all I had to go on is a name and a Vimeo account. I am guessing that she is Russian or Israeli but I am still not quite sure whether she is animates or composes soundtracks for these shorts.


Speed On


I hope by now you have realized that whoever Tanya Vedenicheva is, the works of animation she might have helped created are beautiful. I wish I knew more about Israeli or Russian animation. All I know is that Dave Carter claims that the later created the worst cartoon ever.

The Death of Marat

As I finish writing this post, I am pretty sure that Tanya Vedenicheva who has signed her last name differently in some of her shorts is an animator. However, I will end this post with the two videos that confused me. They both credit her as doing the sounds. One is not very good in my opinion. It’s kinda a cheap 3d version of the Looney Tunes but with a bear instead of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd is hairy. I might dislike it because the hunter is Canadian…

Bear Trap

Final Exhibition in Bezalel 2011

Tanya Vedenicheva?

By the way, I have messaged Tancho on vimeo. I have not received an answer. I have also enlisted the help of Cartoon Brew on Twitter. Could the animator and the sound creator actually be different people? Who knows? If you do, please leave a comment.


Top Cat Cartoon Ever Made

Yes, Top Cat Cartoons Ever Made is a pun. This post is going to be all about Top Cat not the top cartoons. I know it’s not funny, but I’ll really have to review the best animated series featuring feline characters in the future. There are so many of them. In any case, let’s look at one of the best cartoon series ever made, Top Cat.

Top Cat

Top Cat is an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon. The animated television series ran on ABC from 1961 to 1962 for a run of 30 episodes. The central character, Top Cat, is the leader of a gang of Manhattan alley cats: Fancy-Fancy, Spook, Benny the Ball, The Brain, and Choo Choo. Most episodes revolved around Chales “Charlie” Dibble’s attempts to evict T.C. and friends from their home, an alley. As in real life, police men do not appreciate cats who attempt to earn money through illegal scams. The Top Cat cartoon is one of the first animated series to be played on prime time television and currently can be seen on Cartoon Network’s Boomerang channel.

Top Cat Video Game
My favorite episode has got to be All That Jazz. T.C. has competition. Jazz, the new cat in town takes over the pool hall, steals T.C.’s girlfriend, sways the gang with bongo lessons, and even cleans up the alley by being a good cat. T.C. tries to trick Jazz in leaving using various tricks. It begins when T.C. pretends to leave time for greener pastures in the hopes of getting Jazz to follow him. Both end up realizing, the whole affair is a gag. When both Jazz and T.C. are offered a part in a Hollywood film, the rivals naturally assume that it is another trick. The offer turns out to be legit, and another cat, Benny the Ball, is cast in the starring role in “The Thing From the Alley.” He leaves for Hollywood in a limo, accompanied by T.C. and the gang in the guise of Benny’s manager, valet, vocal coach, tailor and chauffeur.

The Top Cat cartoon movie is also really good. It’s another average day in Hoagie’s Alley which, for the purposes of this story, has apparently been relocated closer to Beverly Hills. This fact is explained by the movie’s title Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats. The DVD movie was released in October 2011 as part of the Hanna-Barbera Classic Collection. The movie itself came out in 1987 and was followed by a video game in 1991.

Top Cat Theme Song Lyrics

Top Cat!
The most effectual Top Cat!
Who’s intellectual close friendsTop Cat Comic Front Cover
get to call him T.C.
Providing it’s with dignity.

Top Cat!
The indisputable leader of the gang.
He’s the boss, he’s a pip, he’s the championship.
He’s the most tip top,
Top Cat.

Yes he’s a chief, he’s a king,
But above everything,
He’s the most tip top,
Top Cat.

Top Cat!

Practice singing along with this ukulele Top Cat theme song cover

Watch Top Cat Cartoon Episodes

Buy Top Cat Complete SeriesBuy Top Cat Series
If you don’t want to watch horrible quality videos on youtube. Top Cat – The Complete SeriesBuy Top Cat DVD is available on DVD. What I love about this collection are the comments provided by animation historians Jerry Beck, Earl Kress, Mark Evanier. They provide interesting anecdotes about the creation of the series and the animation industry in the 60s. There is also a 17-minute look back at the making of the show, hosted by Leo de Lyon, the voice behind Brain. In case you didn’t know, Brain was a villain in the show. This flash back is titled Back to Hoagy’s Alley and features vintage clips of none other than William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. There is also a fun interview featurette, Cool Cats in Interview Alley, where animation historian Earl Kress talks with voice actors Arnold Stang, Leo de Lyon, and Marvin Kaplan. Show writer Barry Blitzer is also interviewed. The Top Cat Collection is also full of original character sketches and finished cells to peruse, and there’s a storyboard-to-episode feature as well. The DVD is really cool. There are even the vintage Kellogg’s Corn Flakes commercials that featured T.C. and others pitching the Big K’s crunchy breakfast staple.


Rocko’s Modern Life Theme Song & Pat Irwin

composer of pepper ann theme song

Pat Irwin composed a lot of my favorite cartoon theme songs including the Rocko’s Modern Life theme and Disney’s Pepper Ann theme. Mister Irwin also wrote the music for JetCat from KaBlam!, Class of 3000 and even Sponge Bob. He is pretty awesome guy, you can listen and watch a bunch of this stuff in this post. Have fun!

Rocko’s Modern Life Theme Song

Rocko’s Modern Life Theme Lyrics

There isn’t much to the lyrics of this cartoon theme song. In fact, there are only two lines.

  1. Rocko’s Modern Life
  2. That was a hoot

However, you might enjoy an extended version of they lyrics produced by these guys.

Pat Irwin’s Biography

Pat Irwin was born May 17, 1955. After graduating from college, he moved to New York City. He participate in the New York No-Wave scene and played with 8-Eyed Spy and Raybeats.

After saying “No!” to the wave, Pat Irwin said “Yes!” He joined the New Wave rock band The B-52’s in 1989, playing keyboards and guitar. He toured and recorded with the B-52s for over 18 years.

In the 1990s, Pat Irwin started to write music for cartoons like SpongeBob Squarepants. However, I believe his best work was the theme songs for Rocko’s Modern Life music and Pepper Ann.


Robert Stukowski – Toon Radio

I forget how I stumbled upon Toon Radio but I was surprised to see that they were playing other things than anime. After a short tweet session with Robert Stukowski, I sent him a few questions by email and here are his answers. As usual, I’m going to put some videos of the best cartoon music covers that I could find.

Philip Tomlinson: Why did you create a cartoon music online radio station?

Robert Stukowski: Back in the late 90s, Toonami Digital Arsenal, a spin off site from ToonZone, operated a radio station called Toonami Radio. The radio station showcased music and content from that old Cartoon Network programming block. I liked what they did, and I needed something for my website. It was a few years before blogging, Facebook and etc. It only made sense at the time to start my own stream. I already had a nice collection of music, and the industry overhead at the time was mostly non-existent. For the record, I started Toon Radio back in 2001 as a hobby. In 2003, I incorporated it for legal reasons.

Thundercats Theme Song

The original Thundercats (1985-1990) were featured on Toonami.

PT: Who listens to the Toon Radio music stream?

RS:Though the number varies widely, mostly based on what else is going on in entertainment, I have about an average of 50 to 100 listeners listen every day. A few years ago it was a more anime-based listenership. These days it is often American cartoons that get the listeners. There are also about 50 people who download the Kool Kids Klub podcast, which Toon Radio hosts.

PT: What shows have the best soundtracks?

RS: It is difficult to pinpoint what my favorite soundtracks actually are. I enjoy watching the latest American cartoon as much as I like Japanese anime, both television and film. There are a few that I like more than others though. I enjoy the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, Big O music, Avatar: The Last Airbender music, and the Batman: The Animated Series soundtrack.

Batman: The Animated Series Theme 8-bit

PT: If you had to pick the best theme song, which one would you choose?

RS: I’d go with the Transformers theme song from the animated movie.

Transformers Movie Theme Song (1986)

Best Cartoons Ever Suggests

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See what is playing @ToonRadio.


Dave Carter – Stop Motion Animator

Last Thursday, I got to spend an hour talking on Skype with one of my favorite stop motion animators, Dave Carter. If you don’t know him, you should really check his stop motion shorts. I will be presenting half of the interview today and the next half will follow on Wednesday about Dave Carter’s stop motion creative process. It might have been easier to just put up the video, but that required editing skills which I have yet to develop.

Interview (Part 1)

Philip Tomlinson: When did you start animating?

Dave Carter: There is sort of two periods for me. The first time I did stop motion was when I did Daddy and James in 2006. Since the age of 7, I knew that I wanted to become an animator. At that time, I thought I would be animating 2d drawings. At 14 years old, I began to do my first hand-drawn animations, mostly gag stuff. I found it frustrating that a lot of the work tended to be generic. I didn’t feel like I had my own personal signature. But, with stop motion, I felt like I could bring a bit more muscle than with the limitation of flash. Also, I had a problem spending 12 to 14 hours drawing because of dyspraxia. I didn’t realize this was going to be problem until my thesis. After 6 months of drawing every day, I ended up not being able to draw a stick figure to save my life.

Daddy and James

PT: That sounds really scary.

DC: Yeah… It was a bit of a scare. I decided to do an arts degree to become a better filmmaker while figuring out where I would go in animation. Stop motion came to mind, where you could draw single frames and animate them. So, you could say that I really started animating around 2006. That’s really where it begins for me. Prior to that, it was just playing around.

PT: Could you tell me about Ismö and The Catts? They are some of the best cartoons ever.

DC: How do people respond when they see The Catts?

PT: I usually get told it’s cute.

The Catts: A Stray Dog

DC: The Catts and Ismö are basic visual gags. Ismö was actually an attempt at making the worst cartoon ever made. I went to an animation festival screening in Sydney and I saw this Russian cartoon called A Music Shop. It was about these two grasshoppers who ran this music shop and these kittens come in to buy some musical instruments. At the end of the day, they play in a parade. It was just so terrible. I was like ‘I can make a worse cartoon than that’. My aim was to try and out do them with my second stop motion short. The result was Ismö. But, it’s completely different. The Russian cartoon is so beautifully drawn while Ismö doesn’t even try. I did it really quickly. It might have taken two weeks, maybe one week. You can tell how quickly it was made by the energy within the work.

Ismö: A Musical Shop

PT: It also seemed like you had lots of fun making it. Could you tell me more about your relationship with Nikos Andronicos?

DC: He is my usual collaborator and a pretty good jack of all trades when it comes to my work. He wrote the music for Ismö which is pretty demented. I also did a music video for Nikos Andronicos’ band Pomomofo. I try to stay away from making commercial stuff but I’ve been working with Nikos for years so I told him that whenever he wanted a video clip, I’d do it for him.

Pomomofo – Tamagotchi Girl

That’s all for now folks!

You can keep up to date on Dave Carter’s work on Facebook or Twitter.

STUCK WITH YOU – My Blue Shirt


Dinosaur Animation

I am working on a post about the history of dinosaur cartoons from the late 80’s to the 90s. I will be writing about educational dinosaur shows. There is a lot more work involved than I imagined. I do not feel like rushing to do it tonight so I decided to showcase some fun dinosaur shorts.

Dinosaurs – 16bit

I never got into dubstep but I think this music video just converted me. It was animated by Kristofer Ström and I have watched 3 times in a row. You will be seeing this soon on the Best Cartoons Ever Facebook page.

Animated Dinosaur Comics

If you have not read Dinosaur Comics, you should! It is updated every weekday with brand new dialogue because the images never change. Does that entail better jokes? Not always, but it is usually a funny comic.

The Flintstone’s Busch Beer Advertisement

I know a Flintstone’s clip isn’t really a dinosaur short. I just figured that they lived with dinosaurs and they are selling beer. I bet you didn’t know that the company that made Busch beer is now Budweiser.

Gertie the Dinosaur – Winsor McCay (1914)

Extremely old cartoon with really annoying music. I put it because I always think this type of stuff is hilarious. It should also be remembered as innovative, etc.

Go Go Ninja Dinosaur – Carolina Melis

The colors are really nice and bright in this dinosaur short. It was done to the music of Four Tet. Four Tet play music for children. I guess that explains the clip.

Random Dinosaur Animation

These are just clips that made me laugh but aren’t really notable. Actually, the music of the first clip is really cool. It was written by Juana Molina (in case you didn’t read the credits.) The second is just there because I’m a sucker for stop-motion animation.

“This pizza is totally crustacious”