Planet Hulk Animated Movie Review

Planet Hulk Animated Movie DVDI received the Planet Hulk animated movie from my grandfather at Christmas. It wasn’t much of a surprise since he is a hardcore fan of the Incredible Hulk comics. To tell the truth, I have never been a big comic book fan. I grew to love the Incredible Hulk series because of the 1996 cartoon series. While writing the biographies of Bruce Banner’s family members, friends and foes, I have just realized that there are many incarnations of the Hulk. As a Dr. Bruce Banner fan, I’m pretty sad to say that the movie does not feature the actual doctor but only an intelligent incarnation of the Green Goliath. On the flip side, it does provide the backstory behind Dr. Banner’s third wife, Caiera.

Planet Hulk Plot Summary

I’ll try to avoid giving you any Planet Hulk movie spoilers. Briefly, the Hulk gets exile from Earth by Iron Man and friends. Bruce Banner is considered a threat to society. He lands on planet Sakaar and is enslaved by the Red King. He becomes a gladiator and must fight. The Green Goliath comes to be seen as the savior of Sakaar. If you want to know more, I suggest you watch Planet Hulk movie.

Planet Hulk Movie Review

The Planet Hulk animated movie is full of action. I loved it. I’ve always been a fan of gladiator settings and that’s exactly the setting of the Planet Hulk film. Another great aspect of this animated Hulk movie is it features all the background stories for Caiera the Oldstrong and the main members of the Warbound (Elloe Kaifi, Hiroim, Korg, and Miek).

I haven’t read the comic but I’m pretty sure they followed the Planet Hulk comic book story line. It was made by Marvel Animation and not some random producer… There are even cameos by some other Marvel characters. I’m not going to ruin this Planet Hulk movie review by telling you who they are. However, I have noticed that the Silver Surfer is absent from the mix. I know he is supposed to be present on Sakaar, because I learnt the Red King had enslaved him while writing about Caiera’s son Skaar.

If I had one negative thing to say about the Planet Hulk film, it would be that the Incredible Hulk’s roars are a bit weak. We’d have to blame Rick D. Wasserman for his mediocre voice acting. Actually, apart from his roar, Wasserman did a pretty good job being the voice of the Hulk in the animated movie. Not only did the cast all perform very well. The animation team did a great work as well.

There are two things that really confused me about the Planet Hulk animated movie. First, how come Bruce Banner never appears? It really annoys because he is one of my favorite Marvel character. Second, why does the Hulk’s blood randomly sprout plants? Is it merely just a plot device in the movie? In any case, these questions may be rooted in the fact that I have not read much comics. I’m working on changing that soon…

Overall, the Planet Hulk animated movie is a great watch. It’s jammed pack with action. You get background stories on all many interesting Marvel characters. The music and voice acting is not bad for a direct-to-video production. The animation was also very well done. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with my experience. I encourage you all to buy Planet Hulk movie and watch it at home.

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Planet Hulk comics
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