Pepper Ann – Theme Song & Lyrics

The Pepper Ann theme song and most of the music was written by Pat Irwin. In case you didn’t know, Pat Irwin was an influential musician during the No Wave era. This top cartoon series was created by Sue Rose and aired on Disney’s Saturday Morning block. The first time I herd the Pepper Ann song was in 1997. I think it was the first time I really enjoyed a cartoon about a 12 year old girl. It might be because Hazelnut Middle School was an introduction to American stereotypes. Every character in the show is identified as either a jock, a nerd, an artist, a musician, or a misfit… I wish I could find every episode online but I haven’t been able. I doubt I would have had the time to watch them all.

Pepper Ann Theme Song Lyrics

In case you wanted to practice singing the theme song lyrics with Kendra

Who’s that girl? What’s her name?
Is she cool? Is she lame?
Oh, you’re talkin’ ’bout what’s-her-name – Pepper Ann!

Is she lame? Is she cool?
Is she breakin’ every rule?
Is she anybody’s fool? Pepper Ann!

Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, marchin’ in her own parade.
Pepper Ann, she’s like one in a million!
Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, much too cool for seventh grade.
Catch ‘er if you can, Pepper Ann!

Who? Is that that girl from gym class?
No, that’s me. Ewwww . . .
Who is she and why does she have her own song?
Did someone take my lunch?

Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, marchin’ in her own parade.
Pepper Ann, she’s like one in a million!
Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, much too cool for seventh grade.
No one’s cooler than Pepper Ann!
She’s her own biggest fan Pepper Ann!
Catch ‘er if you can, Pepper Ann!

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Pepper Ann Theme Sung in Other Languages

I really like foreign languages and I bet you do to! Practice your translation skills with these theme song videos.

German Theme Music

Chinese Intro

Portuguese Intro

Pepper Ann Intro Characters

Obviously, the first characters you see is Pepper Ann and her reflection. The reflection in the mirror is the 12 year old girl’s conscious. Next, you will the red headed girl’s best friends: Milo Kamalani, a very eccentric, highly dramatic artist; and Nicky Little, a soft-spoken, overachieving aspiring violinist. They greet her at the door when she leavers her house. In the kitchen, you will see her feminist mother, Lydia Pearson. Lydia Pearson is a single-mom and encourages Pepper Ann to be as proudly independent. If you unsure whether that kid in the kitchen is a boy or a girl, it’s Pepper Ann’s tomboyish deep-voiced younger sister, Moose.

Other fellow students at Hazelnut Middle School include rich and spoiled Trinket, German boy Dieter Liederhosen, popular airhead Cissy, gossipy twins Tessa and Vanessa, Nicky’s boyfriend, the RC car-racing “nerd” Stewart Walldinger, and the cool 8th-grader, Craig Bean. The Principal of Hazelnut Middle is Mr. Hickey, a tough disciplinarian with zero tolerance for Pepper Ann’s shenanigans. Wayne Macabre, an annoying radio DJ, and Alice Kane, an uppity snob who refers to her as “P. Ann” don’t really get along with Pepper Ann.

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