Starting an Etsy shop

My girlfriend has made some really cool creations during the Holidays as gifts for our family. In fact, she made a variety of felt foods, a dog coat, and a set of plush owl pillows. Due to the fact…


How to translate a Magento theme in six easy steps

I’ve been pretty busy at work these last few weeks, but that doesn’t mean I have given up working on any of my learning projects. I’ve begun to translate a Magento theme. I was afraid at first, but translating…


Only tip you need for choosing a Magento theme

I’ve been playing around with Magento for a few months now. I’ve used a handful of different themes, learn to install them, modify layouts, design static blocks, upload products in a few different ways, and a lot of other…


How to filter multiple RSS feeds with SimplePie

As for installing SimplePie, it was a relatively painless operation. I was able to install the RSS library using Softaculous. This install comes with a working demo which I decided to modify to fit my needs, instead of starting…


Troubleshooting a massive link reclamation project

Now that the weekend is here, it’s time for some more development posts. My goals for the this weekend are: Create a site taking advantage of SimplePie. Get a decent Magento eCommerce store running without bugs Continue learning Corona…


Are link building personas deceptive?

I’m not going to lie and say that using link building personas isn’t sketchy. Trying to lie to yourself by making half-assed arguments claiming personas are neither fundamentally deceptive nor necessarily deceptive won’t make those statements any true. Fundamentally…