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No New Planet Hulk Movie, Gonna Have to Stick with Animation

It’s officially been declared a few days ago that there will be no new Planet Hulk movie by AICN. The rumors started at the Latino Review has been effectively hulk smashed. I’m not going to say that I am horribly disappointed. As a big fan of original Planet Hulk movie, I hope that this hype has brought it some more attention. I’m kind of hoping that for Avengers 2, they decide to infect Hulk with a virus and reenact the events of World War Hulk… The background story

In any case, it seems like the main issue lies with Marc Ruffalo. The new Bruce Banner has signed a contract for 6 years with Marvel, and would not be able to be featured in Planet Hulk. Why? If you haven’t read the comics or watched the Planet Hulk movie, the reason is that Bruce Banner is simply not featured in that story arc. Dr. Banner is so pissed off from being shot off into space that he simply remains in Hulk form the whole time.

In any case, for those who are whining, just pick up the animated movie. It’s worth the watch and you’ll get your new Planet Hulk movie. Any more you have not yet seen is new in my book.

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