New Simpsons Episode (Them, Robot) Actually Funny

Them, Robot is one of the newer Simpsons episodes. In fact, it is episode of season 23 of episode 17. If you watch Them, Robot, you will definitely agree that it is a great episode. I haven’t watched a Simpsons cartoon episode since I was a teenager. I’m sure you all know why. The Simpsons kind of sucked. I definitely start watching the Simpsons again after watching Them, Robots. In any case, I’d rather force you to watch the episode then write a real review. You will just need to watch Them, Robots online. Instead, I’m going to talk about episodes of the Simpsons where robots appear.

It isn’t the first time there are robots in the Simpsons! I have no idea in which season the battle seizure robots appear. If you don’t remember these robots, you will. If you really don’t then maybe this famous Simpson scene will trig up your memory.

Another robot that had a prominent place in a Simpsons episode is Lisa’s grammar-correcting robot Lingo. I apologize in advance if you clicked that link thinking it was something serious. If you didn’t click the link it’s a techo remix of Lingo’s death.

There is also the Truckasaurus. If only I had a time machine, I would have tried to make the Truckasaurus movie into the actual Simpsons movie. The actual movie is really bad. I never watched.

Let’s not forget the numerous Treehouse of Horror robot characters like David, Ultrahouse 3000 and Cyborg Bart.

If you’d like to know about other robots such as Bender from Futurama appearing in Simpsons episodes, check out the Simpsons Wikia.

In case you were wondering, the robots in Them, Robot are essential to almost all best gags. It very well could be that all the other episodes of the Simpsons Season 23 are horrible. The epistemologist a.k.a. philosopher of knowledge a.k.a. skeptic in me can not state for a fact that you should watch any other cartoon from the new Simpsons episodes. They may very well be horrible episodes but Them, Robots has to be one of the best cartoons ever made.

The Simpsons Them Robot & Homer

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