Napoleon Dynamite – Ligertown

Napoleon Dynamite and his baby ligerI can officially state that the Napoleon Dynamite isn’t very good… I have watched three first episodes of the new Napoleon Dynamite animated series. I have a firm belief that you can not judge a cartoon by its pilot but you can begin to get a glimpse of its future episode by watching at least three episodes. I won’t say that I wasted an hour and a half of my time watching the Napoleon Dynamite cartoon, but I know I could of spent it watching a different animated television series.

In Ligertown, Napoleon kidnaps a baby liger. The fact that this whole episode revolves around one of the jokes of the movie annoyed me. Ligers weren’t that funny is the first place and making them into a real animal just ruins the actual joke. Either way, the Napoleon Dynamite cartoon is unfunny and an uncreative. Will this be the worst cartoon of 2012? We’ll have to wait a year to find out.

Disclaimer: I might not be able to make a better cartoon, but at least I would know if it was bad.

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