January 2017 Goals

UPDATE: I didn’t accomplish everything on my list. I don’t really have any excuses and I should probably have done a better job at building a budget. Let’s see how next month goes!

I heard writing down your goals helps you to accomplish them. Here are the things I feel like I can accomplish in January 2017.

Health & Fitness

  • Book a check up with my family doctor
  • Book an eye appointment for new glasses – DONE
  • Get a pair of running shoes and a small jacket for winter running


  • Do a yearly budget – SET A MONTHLY SAVING GOAL
  • Read up on purchasing a condo or a house – SPENT AN AFTERNOON LOOKING AT CONDOS

Work & Skills

  • Sign up to the next session Data Science Coursera specialization – DONE
  • Sign up for driving lessons – DONE


  • Write 1 blog post about one of these goals – DONE
  • Publish 1 blog post in the draft section


  • Shop for a new phone – DONE

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