How to fix invalid WordPress RSS feed errors

I recently read a great article by Brian Dean about untapped backlink sources. While some are definitely not untapped, I decided to try two of them on Another Marketer. The first source I tapped were blog aggregators. I had no problems submitting my blog feed until I hit Alltop. According to Alltop, I submitted an invalid WordPress RSS feed

I checked the RSS feed on FeedValidator.org and, to my surprise, my feed actually had some syntax errors. I’m not sure why this happened as I touched any of the source files for the WordPress RSS feed and I doubt any of the Bone WordPress theme functions had anything to do with it.

Easy Invalid WordPress RSS Feed Fix

All it needed to do is this:

  1. Navigate to the WordPress Reading Settings
  2. Change how the articles were being displayed from full to summary

Fix invalid WordPress RSS feed errors by selecting a new RSS feed option

I’m really not sure why this worked, but it did. If you’re having the same problems but you’re setting is at summary, try switching it to full instead.

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