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I was stumbling around various Hulk blogs and discovered two pretty good indy Incredible Hulk webcomics: Incredible Hulk Library’s Webcomic and The Smashy Adventures of the Hulk. I was pretty disappointed because both seem to be defunct. In other words, the authors have stopped updating their awesome creations. Yet, Katie Cook, the author of Smashy Adventures, is still updates her official site regularly with her current projects.

Cute Hulk Webcomic

The Smashy Adventures of the Hulk does not feature Bruce Banner. Yet, I like it better than Julio’s webcomic. Why? It’s funny and portray’s the Hulk in a innovative fashion. Instead of being as a violent time-bomb, the Green Goliath is shown to be a child at heart. I couldn’t agree more that the Savage Hulk is really just like an innocent child who is constantly getting picked at. The only difference is that a normal child can’t destroy a tank in one punch.

I really like Katie Cook’s work because she isn’t trying to expand on the Hulk story. She is just having fun with the character. You really need to check this out if you are a Hulk fan.

You can read the first Hulk fan comics by Katie Cook‘s cute Hulk webcomic here

Hulk Library Webcomic

For a fan made comic, the Hulk Library does a pretty good job with it’s generically named Incredible Hulk Webcomic. The art is decent and the story isn’t bad. I’d rather read a real Hulk issue then try to follow the plot written by Julio Molino-Muscara. It’s not as interesting as Marvel’s… To tell the truth, I just really hate the way Julio draws Bruce Banner.

Read the first update of Julio Molino-Muscara’s Webcomic

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