Want Those Hulk Abs?

Apparently, you can… You just need to buy a tacky Incredible Hulk shirt and you too can have a muscular Hulk body and purple shorts!

I was looking for some Hulk swag to help me spread the Bruce Banner love. I found one really hip Hulk t-shirt but it isn’t the focus on today’s post… What amazed me was the amount of tacky Incredible Hulk shirts available on the web. I used to be a fan of cheesy apparel when I was a teenager. I still have one fake tie sweater and more than a few ‘witty’ threadless shirts in my closet, but this shirt is too much.

Get Swole With The Tackiest Fake Body Shirt Ever!

I doubt it’s impossible get a body like the Hulk with proper training and drug use. Yet, why waste that time when you can get Hulk abs in just one click?

Yes. I did write this whole post just so I use all these bad sales lines. I never said I got over my love of cheesiness.

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