Dinosaur Animation

I am working on a post about the history of dinosaur cartoons from the late 80’s to the 90s. I will be writing about educational dinosaur shows. There is a lot more work involved than I imagined. I do not feel like rushing to do it tonight so I decided to showcase some fun dinosaur shorts.

Dinosaurs – 16bit

I never got into dubstep but I think this music video just converted me. It was animated by Kristofer Ström and I have watched 3 times in a row. You will be seeing this soon on the Best Cartoons Ever Facebook page.

Animated Dinosaur Comics

If you have not read Dinosaur Comics, you should! It is updated every weekday with brand new dialogue because the images never change. Does that entail better jokes? Not always, but it is usually a funny comic.

The Flintstone’s Busch Beer Advertisement

I know a Flintstone’s clip isn’t really a dinosaur short. I just figured that they lived with dinosaurs and they are selling beer. I bet you didn’t know that the company that made Busch beer is now Budweiser.

Gertie the Dinosaur – Winsor McCay (1914)

Extremely old cartoon with really annoying music. I put it because I always think this type of stuff is hilarious. It should also be remembered as innovative, etc.

Go Go Ninja Dinosaur – Carolina Melis

The colors are really nice and bright in this dinosaur short. It was done to the music of Four Tet. Four Tet play music for children. I guess that explains the clip.

Random Dinosaur Animation

These are just clips that made me laugh but aren’t really notable. Actually, the music of the first clip is really cool. It was written by Juana Molina (in case you didn’t read the credits.) The second is just there because I’m a sucker for stop-motion animation.

“This pizza is totally crustacious”

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