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Crowdfunding as a Native Advertising Channel

Another post about a talk at RDV_MARKETING from the guys from Alexandre Boucherot from Ulule is a crowdfunding platform that has been available to Canadians for about a year.

Types of Crowfunding

There are three types. The first is the standard type like Kickstarter, Users give you money in exchange for perks. The next offers equity. That means that users get a cut of your profits. The last is where users lend you money for your products which you will need to pay back.

Why Use Crowfunding

Crowdsourcing allows you to create or expand your current community. It isn’t because crowdsourcing expands your reach that it create a community. It is because it allows user to get a more behind the scenes look at product development.

It is also a great way to test interest in your product. If there is no interest in your product, it just won’t get funding. For example, test new products that wouldn’t be created unless there was a extremely high demand like a product developed in the lab that will only be launched if there are enough pre-orders. It’s also a great way to get feedback from early adopters fast.

Advertising Using Crowdfunding

As a brand, you can also sponsor projects that make sense. In a similar way as the previous post about influencers, it’s possible to take advantage of high engagement of a project’s investors to reach a new group of peoples.

For example, the National Bank of project has a profile of Ulule where they showcase the type of projects they like to invest in. Heineken and Nissan have also allied with Ulule to find entrepreneur-influencers.

FYI, this presentation was super crappy. Not only was the color scheme really hard to read on the PowerPoint, but it sounded much more like a sales pitch for their platform. I really hope they fire the designer who did the PowerPoint template. Who in their right mind thinks that blue writing on an orange background is aesthetically pleasing.

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