Only tip you need for choosing a Magento theme

I’ve been playing around with Magento for a few months now. I’ve used a handful of different themes, learn to install them, modify layouts, design static blocks, upload products in a few different ways, and a lot of other little things.

I’m definitely not a Magento expert and I doubt I will ever become one, but I have one tip to share with you guys for choosing a Magento theme. It is literally the most important lesson I have learnt because ignoring this one tip is led me to waste hours upon hours of time fixing, debugging and abandoning certain themes.

Choose Recent Magento Themes Only

Recently, I found a Magento theme I really liked on ThemeForest. I played around in the demo and bought it. I didn’t look at the date of the last updates, the comments or the reputation of the theme’s author. That was a huge mistake!

I ended up learning that some of the functionalities not only didn’t work using the latest version of Magento, but were also unusable with the latest version of PHP. I would of learnt about this by reading the comments and could have anticipated this even faster if I had just looked at the time of the last update.

It was an eye opener that you should always do your research before you buy.

Bonus Tip: Verify Theme Support is Free & Accessible

If you are going to forego my piece of advice, you should at least follow this bonus tip. Before finalizing your purchase, double check to see if the theme’s author offers free support and responds to comments on the theme frequently. ThemeForest allows you to easily see whether theme creators answer comments rapidly and if they take the time to update their themes frequently. You might even want to visit the creator’s official site to take a look at their updates and other themes too.

Trust me, you really don’t want to buy a theme from two years ago and discover half the functionalities no longer work. The theme author either ignores your comments or refers you to a paid support forum.

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