Cartoons from British Columbia’s Leo Awards 2013

The Leo Awards are a celebration of British Columbia’s television, animation, and movie industries. I haven’t seen any amazing Canadian cartoons in a while, so I figured I’d take a look at the 2013 animation nominees. I didn’t watch all of them because who really wants to spend an hour watching a movie that was made just to sell Mattel toys.


I once stumbled home after a party and decided to pass out in front of Slugterra. I fell asleep pretty fast. In my opinion, it’s just another Pokemon/Digimon remake. Guy catches pets, carries them around in a gun and makes them fight for glory. It doesn’t even win any points for the animation, but I’m biased against 3d animation. I just don’t find it appealing.

I find it weird that they have been nominated and won so many Leo Awards. What am I not seeing? Should I have given this series a sober chance?

Rocket Monkeys

I was hunting for some new cartoons and I landed on Rocket Monkeys. After my experience with Sanjay and Craig, I wasn’t to keen on watching another series that looked random and wacky.

Though there are lot of fart jokes in Rocket Monkeys, it certainly deserves the best animation award. I haven’t watched the other series so hopefully I won’t need to retract it.

Animism: The Gods’ Lake

I would love to love Aninism: The Gods’ Lake. It mixes Native American legends with an eco-friendly message. In some ways, it’s a cooler version of Adventures from the Book of Virtues. Actually, it really isn’t the same except for the buffalo character and talking animals.

Adventures from the Book of Virtues – Cincinnatus

My main issue with Animism is that the animation is really choppy. It looks as if they were lazy or lacked budget, instead of the stylish effect I’m assuming they were going for. The first few episodes have a lot of dialogue and it really emphasizes this weird animation decision.

APTN lets you watch the whole series online which is really cool!

1001 Nights

This shares one thing with Animism that I like. 1001 Nights retells classic stories. The title makes it pretty obvious. I was only able to watch the one episode they have accessible on their home page. It’s one of those annoying websites hat auto-play music so I’m warning you after I post the link.

The available episode is suppositly about Sinbad. It’s really weird because I was expecting this:

Instead I got a weird bumbling merchant Sinbad. I don’t know what to think of this new guy, or maybe the old cartoon and TV series surrounding the sailor have been very misleading.

Max Steel: Monstrous Alliance

Max Steel is one of those 3D cartoons that looks and sounds nice but has no real substance. I’m guessing it was developed to sell toys by Mattel. The premise is similar to Cartoon Network’s hit Ben 10. There’s a kid, he has a alien and scientist friends, and there are people who want to fight him. I would love this show if I was still in elementary school.

Monstrous Alliance is a movie they produce for the series. I did not waste my time watching it. I opted instead to watch 10 minutes of the real show before judging it.

There were some other Canadian animation nominates for Leo Awards that I did not have time to watch. You can see the full list of nominees including regular Canadian TV series on their official site

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