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Butt Plants: How to Monetize the Crack Problem

Butt Plants are fashion accessories made from:

  1. Underwear or belt buckle
  2. A plant
  3. A recipient and soil for the plant

The purpose is to prevent embarassing situations where a person would have normally shown their butt crack by constantly having a plant in the way.

Re-occuring revenue

While the underwear and recipients may be interchangeable allowing users to alternate styles and plants, the soil is not. A client will need to repurchase soil and nutriments for the plant. Lots of money here, trust me.

Advertising product is simple

There are millions of good ads to be made.

A man walks into an Italian restaurant. The camera is facing his as he starts to sit down. In the background, all faces turn towards the man’s rear. Suddenly, a nonna says “May I?” She leans in a plucks the man’s rear and visbily now had basil in her hand…

A butt cliché.

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