The Bruce Banner Song – Sally Robos

Two sisters called Kiersten and Stephanie, Sally Robos on Youtube, made this really cool fan song about Bruce Banner. It kind of makes him out to be a bit more emotional then I believe he truly is, but that’s just my interpretation of the man behind the Incredible Hulk. Also, I thought Bruce Banner lives in a cabin in the wild so that he could avoid people, not a manor! In fact, in my nerdy opinion, they might have made more than just one mistake in their depiction of Bruce Banner. Either way, the song is cure and I’ve listened to it way too much.

I’m not going to lie. The song scared me at one point, so be prepared to jump.

The Bruce Banner Song Lyrics

My Name is Bruce Banner
I’m usually in my manor
I’m really one of the nicest guys
But I have a secret that’s too big to hide

Today I’d like to raise a family
But no house is big enough to hide me
If my kids ever threw a fit
Well, that would be the end of it

So going back to my big secret
It all started when I got hit
With an experiment
That ran away
And quickly changed my DNA

Wish I could be just an ordinary scientist
But now if I get angered, even in the slightest
This flash of light
And my close get tight
And they think I might


That’s what I was talking about
I just cannot let my feelings out
I try to be more of a wall flower
But it’s hard when you are nothing but raw power

Join the Avengers would be a dream come true
But I think it’s something I can not due
Maybe they will treat me with love and kindness
Or maybe they will be left cleaning up my mess

I might have gotten the lyrics wrong, but just comment bellow if you can’t sing along

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