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Why I chose Bones as my WordPress theme

I often send way too much times shopping for HTML themes on ThemeForest. Before I even get to writing my first post, I’ll have wasted too many hours into not only choosing the theme but developing a WordPress theme based on it.

I have no idea if content is king, but I do know bullshit content. Before I even get to developing my personal WordPress theme, I decided I’d try something different. I’ll just write the content first instead of pouring hours into development. Developing should be a reward if I’m able to consistently produce non-bullshit content.

What’s Bones

Bones is a free responsive WordPress theme based on a mobile-first approach. That’s not why I chose it. I chose it because it not only has extremely detailed code and CSS making it easy to modify for my needs. The code and forks are available on GitHub and it comes loaded with a Sass tutorial.

When I worked at a startup, I started toying with the idea of learning Haml and Ruby on Rails, but never got further than Rails for Zombies. Sass seems like a a good first step towards that goal and it will drastically reduce the time I spend on CSS. Since, I have not started to develop the theme, I haven’t gotten to Sass.

Content comes first so I better get cracking.

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