Bob’s Burgers & Home Movies

Bob's Family in Bob's Burger Restaurant

I have had a fever for the last few days. In other words, I have been lying on my couch eating soup and watching cartoons. I had never watched Bob’s Burgers so I decided to give it a try. Actually, that’s a big lie. I had watched the beginning of the first episode, Human Flesh, and for some reason decided I didn’t like it. Is it me or am I always complaining about disliking cartoons that I like?

I began by watching the second season. Something I really enjoy about cartoons is that you don’t always have to watch them in chronological order. I decided to watch Bob’s Burgers starting from the most recent episode, Food Truckin’, and work my way back to the premier. It worked out pretty well but the characters design in Bob’s Burgers and the humor both gave me an impression of déjà vu. I kept getting flashbacks of Brendon Small from Home Movies, a cartoon from the early 00s (00s come after the 90s, right?). I wasn’t sure if it was just the fever tricking my brain, until I discovered that Bob’s Burger cartoon was created by Loren Bouchard, co-creator of Home Movies!

Loren Bouchard
Bob’s Burgers Creator & Composer

Loren Bouchard actually started his career in animation in a really amazing way. As high-school dropout, Bouchard was working as hard bartender until he bumped into a former grade school teacher of his, Tom Snyder. Snyder asked if Bouchard was still drawing, and obviously he was. It’s because of Snyder that Bouchard began his life in the cartoon industry with Dr. Katz. He has produced some of the best cartoons ever like Home Movies and, of course, Bob’s Burgers!

Bob’s Burgers Theme Song

Mr Bouchard also co-wrote the Bob’s Burgers theme song. I really like the fact that it sounds amazing on a ukulele. Check out these ukelele chords if you want to learn the theme. You can also watch this cover if you need some help with the rhythm or rip off his fingerings…

Bob’s Burgers Theme Chords:
D, A, F#m, A, A7, A, D, A, F#m, A, A7, A, G

After checking out the Bob’s Burger song, I figured Bouchard wrote the Home Movies theme, but it was actually co-creator Brendon Small.

Henry Jon Benjamin
Bob Belcher, Coach McGuirk, Jason and More

H. Jon Benjamin is a voice actor extraordinaire! As you may have guessed, he is the voice actor that plays Coach McGuirk and Jason in Home Movies, and Bob Belcher (if you don’t know what show he is from, you shouldn’t be reading this). But that’s not all, Benjamin is also the voice behind Carl in Family Guy, Sterling Archer in Archer, and The Master in The Venture Brothers. I’m not even going to count all the guest appearances Benjamin has done in some of the top cartoons like Aqua Teen Hunger Force among others.

Benjamin and Bouchard met on the set of Dr. Katz where Benjamin was also voicing a man named Ben. I really need to check that cartoon out. In any case, Ben began his career as a comedian and I guess he’s kept being a comedian ever since. His voice is hilarious and I hope he never stops.

So if you want to experience some great dead pan comedy from a cartoon of the early 00’s, you can watch Home Movies episodes on YouTube! Bob’s Burgers is still running on FOX so catch it there. I don’t think it’s cancelled or ended yet!

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