Baby Sinclair and Charlene

Dinosaurs is a sitcom produced in part by Jim Henson Television. I mentioned the series in passing when writing about dinosaur television series. I decided I wanted to explore some of these series in depth. I choose Dinosaurs because I have always loved Baby Sinclair and remembered a scene from an episode I hadn’t seen in a while, Charlene’s Flat World.

Baby Sinclair

Even thought the series was produced by Jim Henson Television, almost none of the main characters are Dinosaur puppets. Except for Baby Sinclair, he is actually a puppet manned by no other than Kevin Clash. Kevin Clash is also the man behind another famous puppet, Elmo! Unlike Elmo, Baby Sinclair is part robot. His expressions on his face are not controlled by Kevin Clash’s hand but by a remote control! If you don’t know who Baby Sinclair is, I’m sure you can remember his famous lines, “Not the mama!” and “I’m the baby, gotta to love me!”

Charlene’s Flat World

I figured it’s not nice to just write about Baby Sinclair. I figured i’d give part of the spotlight to Charlene Sinclair. Unlike Lisa Simpson, Charlene isn’t a boring character. My favorite episode, i.e. the only episode I remember from my childhood, is actually centered around her. In Charlene’s Flat World, Charlene’s teacher tells the class to come up with an original idea. Charlene is discouraged but is visited by a muse. It’s interesting that all jokes about creepy rapists went straight over my childhood head. I do not remember Charlene’s bad reactions to the Muse saying, “Count to five and you won’t remember a thing.” What I do remember is that I learnt who first argued that the Earth is round because of Charle’s Flat World. In case you are wondering, it is Copernicus! In any case, in this episode of Dinosaurs, the muse has confused Charlene Sinclair with Copernicus. Charlene Sinclair was supposed to have been inspired to make the best brownies ever made for Baby Sinclair’s birthday. It’s interesting that the plot of Charlene’s Flat World mirrors what happened to Copernicus. She is persecuted for her belied by society. She is able to proove them wrong by walking around the pre historic Earth in 80 days. I’d have to argue that Dinosaurs is a very atheist cartoon. I guess I should write a list of religious and atheist cartoons.

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  • Dev
    December 19, 2011 at 11:54 am

    This is a great site! I haven’t seen Dinosaurs since I was a kid!