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Cooking Live

Instant Pot : BURN message

This may mean you burnt something. You need to check your food.

If not under pressure, check your food.

It may also mean you used the stir fry function to brown meat, and didn’t deglaze before using the pressure cooker.

Just depressurize your Instant Pot, and relax?

Video Games

Best Couch Co-Op Video Games for Two Players

Games needing a single PC.

Hot-seat Civilizations

I’ve always been a fan of Sid Meier’s Civ series. While it’s true that you may never finish a hot-seat game, it’s bound to be relaxing




There are more but these have been the best.

Business Ideas Money

Poetry Structural Analysis Tool

Was thinking of a stupid sentence a while back and realized there were no repeating syllables. I thought that was neat. Found some resources about different literary devices (alliteration, etc.) and figured it would be easy to make an automated tool to identify them.



Suzuki Party: Roulette Representation

David Suzuki recently said that a random person chosen would be better than a true politician. You can google it or trust me.

Would a party like this need a full time professional staff or should everything be random?

I’m assuming a party would be needed as it would allow the option for voters to promote this idea.

Business Ideas Money

Art Ad Exchange : Replacing Corporate Ads with Online Graffiti

Ad blocker use is on the rise. While using CPU of users to mine crypto might be a good alternative, why not try and support artists?

The concept would be to replace ads with art either purchasable or from museum collections.

Auctions as usual or affiliate would produce income. However, a free layer would be presented if no bids or affiliate is found.

Browser Plugin VS Publisher Network

If you monetize the ads and focus on user acquisition via a browser plugin, you may get lawsuits from publishers as you are stealing their income. It does open up data selling.

On the other hand, recruiting publishers may be a hassle. It is a pretty simple sell if you brand it as a way to convince ad blockers to white list your site. It may be potentially viable to have ad blocker extension enable your ads by default.

Business Ideas Money

Boxing Simulator : Helping Gamblers & Solving Who Would Win Between Debates

It would be interesting to have data to support who would win between boxers of different historical periods. There’s also lots of money to be made when you can find a way to promote a horrible addiction like gambling.

Using the following data, a program would attempt to give accurate odds to match ups:

  • Basic match information (wins, losses, K.O.)
  • Types of punches thrown and landed where
  • Types of punches received and landed where
  • Tactics used vs different styles of boxers
  • Punches per round / fatigue

This would hopefully could be robust enought to predict past wins and losses.

Getting the Historical Boxing Data

Without this data, the business is useless. Currently, only win / loss stats are publicly available.

Cheap labour or video analysis software may be able to build data around video footage. However, this data would not be complete and should be treated as a sample.

Business Ideas Money

Zen Cafeteria : No Unnecessary Communication

Restaurant concept. Set menu with 1 to 2 meals a day. Minimizing waste. Low price range. Memberships. Silent. Mobile free zone.

This is definitely inspired by monastic dining experiences.

User Experience

Arrives at entrance. Pays fee or shows membership. Enters and sits at designated seat.
All seats on a table face in the same direction, cutting available seating in half. A line drawn on the table also highlights this seperation. On the table, closest to the chairs are the utensils and empty plates or bowls as needed.

A client who requires food pushes the appropriate bowl across the line. Waiters with food are always on alert for this action. Sensors could also be added to the table to help with notification.

Once a client has his fills, he gets up and leaves. Everything is settled.


It may be hard to deal with allergies. All meals will most likely be vegan. Risk of allergy attacks could be mitigated from membership data.

Portion Control

If unlimited portions becomes an issue. Instead of paying up front, patrons would be issued a card that keeps tracks of their servings. As they exit, they pay balance on card.